4 Seasons Slot Review

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4 Seasons Slot Review

4 Seasons slot review is a slot game powered by  Betsoft. It includes 5 reels with 30 paylines. It has themes such as Chinese, Asian, Yin Yang Find the best Betsoft online casino slots review and play with free spins on BETUS. This casino provides amazing bonuses for players. In this review, read all kinds of features of online slot.

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4 Seasons Slots Room Features

5 reels with 30 paylines,
Free spins bonus,
Chinese, Asian, Yin Yang,
RTP: 95.3%,

4 Seasons Slot Review Trailer

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4 Seasons Slot Review – Gameplay and Atmosphere

The game format is being consisted 4 Seasons Slot Review 5 reels with 30 paylines. 4 Seasons themes such as Chinese, Asian, Yin Yang, and much more.

4 seasons slot screen - 4 Seasons Slot Review

4 Seasons Slot Review

4 Seasons Slot Review

The Chinese zodiac’s animalistic theme and its twelve zodiac signs are successfully incarnated by countless species that match to each sign. There’s a dog, a pig, a monkey, a snake, and so on. Each sign is portrayed caricature-style, with enormous eyes looking, big ears perking, and faces beaming.

Here’s a quick rundown of the game’s symbols and regulations. If you come across a Chinese Yin and Yang symbol, it denotes gold. There is also an emblem of a golden casino cat, which is a wild creature. Matching follows basic rewarding criteria – regardless of which, any animal symbol combination of five gets 50, four gives 20, and three offers 10. The Seasonal Wheel might multiply your wins.

The mentioned Yin Yang emblems, as well as the wild golden 4 Seasons Slot Review cat sign, play an important role in the game, so keep an eye out! The golden cat can exchange all symbols, but the Yin Yang shuffle cannot. If you get five cats, you will earn a whopping 10,000 credits. If you land three or more Yin Yang symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll be awarded some free spins. The stake stays the same as on the activated spin, and further free spins can be obtained throughout the bonus based on the amount of Yin Yang symbols touched down. If you acquire three Yin Yang symbols, you’ll earn eight free spins; four will bring you 12, and five will get you 20. The shuffles are just intended to offer free spins and are not linked to any payments.

The Seasonal Wheel, with its twelve depictions of 4 Seasons Slot Review zodiac animals, is the final but not least joyful innovation in the Four Seasons. The wheel is located in the lower left corner of the gaming screen, directly below the reels. It activates every 30 spins, replicating a month’s passage and gilding the animal it touches. The “golden” emblem will now boost any prizes it is involved in by ten, offering you the possibility of significantly thickening your pay wallet. The animal symbols to the left and right of the golden one change to’silver,’ and their value is doubled by 5 times. This rule applies to the three animals to the left and right of the silver animals, each of which has a 2x multiplier. Which animal image contains multipliers is simply discernible: they will be denoted by ribbons and rings in the appropriate hue, gold, silver, or bronze.

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