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-We ask the game free for players who like to 2 Million BC Slot Game in arcade now online for fun or real money.

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standard 2 - 2 Million BC Slot Game

%150 BONUS UP TO $3000

Bonus Rounds in 2 Million B.C. Slot

With its caveman motif, the gameplay of 2 Million B.C. is very appealing. As one of Betsoft’s early adaptations of its 3D slot series, 2 Million B.C. slot lacks the sophisticated voice work and complicated animations found in its latest releases. Despite this, the game offers a lot to offer any lover of free slots vegas games. The game’s setting is intended to evoke the Stone Age wilderness, with plenty of rock bars and flaming flames guiding you throughout the game.  The game’s animation is minimal, but minor touches like onscreen flames and caveman interactions keep the game interesting. The night mode is activated when a free spin is rolled throughout the game, which is a subtle yet clever addition. The ancient sound enhances the ambiance and complements the entire concept. If you wait too long, the calm jungle noises and the caveman’s roars will push you to move ahead.

There are various unique extras scattered throughout the game, the best of which being the diamond bonus. This bonus can award you up to 200 credits if you land three or more diamond symbols on the reels. Another bonus round, which takes place in a new screen, requires you to assist the caveman in stealing a diamond from the saber tooth. The game will guide you through the various methods, and the more diamonds your caveman steals, the larger your prize.

The 2 Million B.C. Slot Machine is a fun game to play because of its:

Overall excellent presentation; simple and rewarding rule; lots of fun and goodies

2 Million BC Gameplay Trailer

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Casino 300x300 join - 2 Million BC Slot Game

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