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Blackjack game rules with strategy

The Blackjack game rules are simple and easy for everyone to understand. Although it is a game of chance, many US casino visitors around the world find it enormously fair. They appreciate that they can influence the course of the game by making smart decisions in their favor. The more in-depth study also reveals a wide range of strategic options and a fascinating depth of play.

Our little blackjack guide and rules guide is primarily aimed at beginners. We start by explaining the game principle, the structure of the table and the Blackjack card values. Then we will look at the advanced rules of the game. Finally, we will introduce you to the most important side bets and some interesting variations of the starting game.

Blackjack The most important information at a glance

Category: Card games

Playing cards: 52 to 416

Strategies: yes

Players: up to 6

Complexity: no

Skills: Observational skills, strategic thinking, discipline

Blackjack Game principle and basic rules

The simple game principle attracts players in droves to the blackjack tables in traditional casinos and in the best US online casino. Beginners quickly find their way into the game and can quickly participate in the pleasure that experienced players have long enjoyed. Find out everything you need to get started here!

The Blackjack Table

The console has the shape of a semicircle. It can accommodate up to six players sitting opposite the dealer or dealer. Each player has his own small area where he keeps his chips. For each of the possible actions and side bets there are betting areas where the bets can be placed. The most important rules and payout odds are also printed in short form on the Blackjack table.

The Blackjack Table - Blackjack

See the Blackjack Table System


Cards: Depending on the Blackjack variant, up to 416 cards are in play.

Chips: With the game chips or chips you place your bets. The different colours stand for different betting values. In online Blackjack, your bet amount is also displayed.

Card Slide / Card Shoe: The dealer takes all the cards from the shoe. This ensures a fast game and prevents manipulation. Usually the shoe contains cards that are shuffled from several complete decks. Most casinos use a so-called cut card to indicate that only a certain number of cards remain in the Shoe and a new card sled with freshly shuffled cards is needed. This measure also makes card counting more difficult.

Cut Card: The cut card is placed in the card carriage in such a way that it is easy to identify. When it is its turn, the Shoe is replaced. The game continues with newly shuffled cards. It has become common practice that cards that have already been used are not added back to the card carriage. To avoid confusion or other irritation, they are kept in a separate pile instead.


The card values in Blackjack

The Blackjack card values are quickly explained: Cards 1-10 count as 10 according to their value, Jack, Queen and King each count as 10, and Aces can count as 1 or 11. They are always counted to your advantage throughout the game.

The card values in Blackjack - Blackjack

The card values in Blackjack

Course and aim of the game

In Blackjack, everyone plays against the dealer. The object of the game is to beat the dealer or the banker from the casino. To do this, you must use two or more playing cards to get closer to 21 points than he or she can get, or at best, to exactly hit

the dealer. If your hand ends up higher than 21, you lose. In Blackjack jargon, you have “overbought” your hand. By the way: This and other important Blackjack terms and translations can be found here Wikipedia Backjack. At the Blackjack table, every seat is reserved for one hand that is played. It’s not uncommon for experienced players to play multiple hands at the same table.

To the game: The dealer deals two cards face up to the players in a clockwise direction. He also deals himself two cards, but only one of which he initially reveals. The face down card is called the hole card. You must then decide whether to stand or get another card (hit). In the first case, you run the risk of the dealer getting closer to 21, while in the second case, depending on your starting position, you run the risk of being overbought (bust). As long as your hand is under 21, you can request additional cards at any time.

After all the players or you have made their decisions, the dealer turns over his second card. Depending on the Blackjack variant, he is forced to draw another card or stand, depending on the value of his own hand. The players’ hands are then compared to the dealer’s hands. If you are closer to 21 than the dealer, you win and are paid 1-1. If you bet $/€/£100, you win $/€/£100, and if you overbought or the dealer has thebetter hand, you lose your bet. In the event of a push or tie, you will get your bet back.

If your first two cards get you 21 points at the first attempt, you have Blackjack and you win instantly! You will then be paid a higher payout, which is usually 3:2. With a bet of $/€ 100, this corresponds to a win of $/€ 150. A game round lasts between one and ten minutes, depending on how the game is played, at the top online Blackjack providers with real money. Visit our Casino Provider.

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