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What are eSports bets? Which betting providers for eSports?

eSports betting – The online sports betting market wins a new segment

Already in 2010 the first bet on an eSport game was placed. At that time this kind of bet was still something special and at that time only available at eSports. In the last few years, however, the eSports scene has grown rapidly and with it the range of eSports bets. Now not only the big bookmakers have an eSports section, which is sometimes more extensive and sometimes a little less extensive, but also more and more new sports betting providers are jumping on this digital sports train.

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eSports Betting Games

What is eSports and why should I bet on it?

In general, video games with a competitive character are called eSports. Sure, not every game that is competitively built will make it to shine in the eSports scene, but it is a requirement. Thereby the genre varies. The games can have a strategic focus and be limited to basic formation or destruction or even shooters and even card games.

The bookmakers’ know-how in eSports betting naturally grows with every year. However, this section still differs from the classic sport you can bet on with the bookies. As a result, some good reasons remain that is what theirs is at the time world wide the problem with CORONA 19 unfortunately. Because of this eSports is more popular now than a month ago because of your bet:

1. odds are created manually with the help of experts and expert opinions often diverge, which often results in high odds differences between betting providers Our tip: It pays off to register with different bookmakers.

2. Favourite odds are surprisingly high in eSports betting, so you can achieve very profitable overall odds using combination bets – with minimal risk.

3. You can bridge the summer break and winter break with eSports. Especially in summer, when other sports have seasonal breaks, there are many eSports tournaments you can bet on.

4. You are not dependent on any live ticker, all noteworthy eSports matches are broadcasted via platforms like Twitch, Hitbox or YouTube. Simply bet and watch them from the comfort of your own home.

More detailed information about eSports tournaments, odds and bet types can be found on, the info portal deals exclusively with eSports betting and Free slot games gives you useful tips on this topic.

With which betting providers can I bet on eSport?

Almost every known bookmaker already offers eSports betting, but the offer among them is very different. Many of the eSports betting providers limit themselves to simple win bets for the time being and do not offer any other betting markets. Other bookmakers on the other hand are already taking the topic of eSports very seriously and have a wide range of betting options. Your bottom in the list below are the best eSports providers eSports and BETUS eSports Wold on the global market ⟱⟱

Our top eSports bookmakers

One of the largest and most serious betting providers in the world, has a lot to offer in the eSports section. Although vbet sport does not score with clarity, but with strong odds, high bonus, good payout conditions and most betting possibilities on eSports.

2. eSports
BetUS has not included eSports in the usual sports betting, but has made it a separate menu item. The eSports section is very clear and offers many betting markets. Favorite odds are not above average, but the odds on balanced matches are even higher.

3. mr.Play Sports
mr.Play Sports does not offer many eSports betting markets, but you can bet on many eSports matches and get decent odds on them. 22Bet was also one of the first bookmakers to offer combined betting on eSports. Combined with the strong favourite odds on eSports games, a bonus payout is absolutely realistic. In addition to the standard 1X2 bet, mr.Play Sports also offers you “double chance” bets.

4. is one of the betting providers with the most extensive program in the classic online casino sector. The multiple sports betting provider of the year is now skilfully transferring this to the e-sports section. At, bets can be placed on all important events on the eSports scene. At the top events, such as the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ESL Pro League, the number of betting markets is also increasing significantly.

5. MelBet
Over the years MelBet has developed into an absolute pioneer in the field of eSports. The odds have always been very profitable, and now the offer can keep up with them. MelBet offers long-term bets such as tournament winners and handicap bets. You will also find over/under betting markets in the various games. Speaking of games: The eSports betting program already includes 19 games at the beginning of 2020. Of course, this includes most of the games that we will discuss in more detail below.

FIFA, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, DOTA 2… VBET has them all in its programme. The bookmaker with the striking orange design devoted more attention to electronic sports in the difficult phase of 2020 and has been one of the top addresses in this field ever since. Particularly striking at Betano is the range of individual games. From the top events to rather less well-known leagues, countless betting options are available.

Tip: These 4 providers are not enough for you? Then have a look at our Free Bet bonus comparison and find your desired bookmaker for eSports betting.

What games can you bet on at eSports?
The game from VALVE, is the successor of the popular Warcraft 3 modification “DotA Allstars“. As in other strategy games, in Dota 2 the enemy main building (Ancient) must be destroyed. The game is played in 5vs5 mode, where each player controls only one Hero and his skills and not entire armies including the training of units.

Since the first big tournament (The International 2011), Dota 2 has grown to one of the biggest eSports titles ever. The tournament itself takes place every year and has been financed by crowd funding for 3 years – and with success! With over 34 million dollars total prize money, “The International 2019” was the highest endowed eSports event in the world.

League of Legends
In 2019, over 117 million users are said to have played League of Legends. 99.6 million people watched the 2019 League of Legends World Cup in South Korea. This year, it is said that there will be even more. This makes LoL without a doubt one of the greatest eSports games of all time. The game manufacturer Riot Games did not do things by halves when implementing an eSports scene and introduced a well-structured tournament and league system very early on. The game principle is very similar to Dota 2, because both titles belong to the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre.

League of Legends eSports Bet - eSports

League of Legends eSports

The League of Legends World Championship, like a real World Cup, lasts a whole month and is played in different cities. The prize money for LoL tournaments can’t keep up with Dota 2 events, but it’s growing steadily. The 2019 LoL World Cup Final was watched by over 255 million eSports fans, making it the most watched eSports event in the world.

Counter Strike: GO

Counter Strike has the longest history of bet of gaming among all current eSports titles. Like Dota 2, it all started with a modification. The first Counter Strike version was a mod to the popular first person shooter Half Life and was first released in 1999. Due to LAN parties Counter Strike became more and more popular, so VALVE took the development into their own hands and released more Counter Strike versions.

As in the previous versions, terrorists and anti-terrorists play against each other in CS:GO based on rounds. CS:GO is no longer the biggest fanbase, but it is the most interesting game for eSports betting. No matter if money or virtual items – there is no other eSport title where you can bet as much as in CS:GO. The flagship is the ESL Pro League, the highest division of Counter-Strike: GO. Every year, two seasons are played over a period of several months with a big final tournament in a different city. The total prize money in Season 11 (early 2020) amounts to 750,000 US dollars.

It is the football classic par excellence on the computer and on the various consoles. Every year in late summer, the Canadian developer studio Electronic Arts (EA) releases the latest copy of the virtual football series. FIFA experienced a huge upswing in the eSports betting industry due to the worldwide exceptional situation in 2020. As football leagues around the globe were forced to take a break, interest shifted to the games on virtual turf. Competitions such as the Bundesliga and Premier League Home Challenge or FIFA Ultimate Quaranteam were created in a rush on the Playstation 4 (PS4) and thus expanded eSoccer betting enormously. In some of these tournaments even the professionals of the various clubs took part. At the Bundesliga / Premier League Home Challenge, at least one player from the first team of each of the participating first or second division clubs gambled at least one player from the first team. Incidentally, it is also due to this time that FIFA bets can be found in the bookies directly under the heading Football and not under eSports.

Who would have thought that a card game would prevail in the eSports scene? Blizzard’s Hearthstone proves that online card games can also be interesting eSports material with more than 100 million players worldwide. Hearthstone is as profound and complex as the popular card game Magic or as digital slot machines of its time and is spreading rapidly in all regions of the world due to the digital implementation.

Unlike other eSports games, the Hearthstone player does not need to have any special skills such as reaction speed or good eye-to-hand coordination. This makes it interesting for everyone and this is how the huge Hearthstone community can be explained. Despite the large number of players, the eSports scene is still relatively small.

Starcraft 2
Blizzard’s most popular strategy game now comes with two expansions, each of which has sold nearly as well as the game itself. Huge sales figures of 1.5 million in the first 48 hours show how enthusiastic the community is about Starcraft 2. Especially in Korea Starcraft is played almost religiously.

League of Legends WM-Finale 2019 Game 1

© / EpicSkillshot – LoL VOD Library

Starting in March 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds brought about the biggest revolution in the shooter genre since Call of Duty 4. Originating from ArmA Mods, PUBG, which was inspired by the Japanese manga and film Battle Royal, had a simple game principle: 100 players land with a parachute on a remote island. The game-space becomes smaller and smaller in certain intervals. The last or the last team to survive wins the round. With a demand for realism, to which the developers attached great importance, PUBG first conquered Steam. Today you can play the game also on PS4, Xbox One and on VR (Virtual Reality) mobile devices.

The greatest game in the world – that is the title Fortnite can call its own. PUBG laid the foundation for the success of Battle Royal games and Fortnite lifted the popularity to immeasurable heights. The title was in development for years and entered the early access phase as a completely different eSports game. The Save the World mode is a cooperative game with components. But the triumph of Fortnite was due to the Battle Royal mode. With a colorful look and the components from the co-op mode, the biggest sensation of the video game industry of the last 3 years arose.

After eight years of waiting the strategy game Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord has been released. The game is still in the early-access phase, but is already making big waves on Steam and Twitch. Among other things also thanks to the streamer Hand Of Blood.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a sandbox eSports strategy game with role-playing elements, in which the player can move freely through a medieval world ruled by different factions and assemble his own army. There is no real game objective, instead there are many freedoms in terms of combat, trade, politics and more.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Game

© / Pixelated Apollo

Bannerlord had already been announced in 2012 by the Turkish developer TaleWorlds Entertainment and was eagerly awaited by fans of its predecessor Mount & Blade: Warband. But the development of the game dragged on for eight years before the early-access version was released on Monday.

Fan onslaught cripples Steam
The run on the gaming platform Steam was so big that some users could not buy the game directly to the release, at 12 o’clock, because the Steam site was no longer accessible. After 100 minutes, the Warband successor could already show 100,000 simultaneous eSports players despite these starting difficulties.

Bannerlord as eSports betting?
The eSports scene of Mount & Blade could also profit from the hype. It’s been quite small so far, but should now attract some new tacticians. However, TaleWorlds will probably not concentrate on the expansion of the eSports landscape for the time being, at least no plans have been formulated yet.

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