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In this section you will find all the answers to the question of which provider offers the best live casino. After all, it is precisely the live tables that thrill thousands of players with their uniquely realistic atmosphere.

In order to be able to set up a rating, we had to divide the topic Live Casinos into several test categories. Various criteria play a role here. Which ones exactly, you will be informed about in this article. First of all, we focus on how large the selection of games in the live casinos is.

Ultimately, this gaming area does not bring you too much if only three or four tables are available. And of course, the winning odds are also very important – not least because of the limits set by the live casino. An attractive selection of game versions ensures high scores in our Live Casino Test. Since more does not necessarily have to be better, we have also checked other criteria in the casinos.


Cash Back Live Casino bonus - Live Casino

Cash Back Live Casino

Some online casinos have been around for almost 25 years on the global gambling market. With the turn of the millennium, the Internet became a matter of course for more and more households, and it is precisely this fact that gambling companies and software companies have used to create a special casino experience. The first live casinos, however, did not come along until much later.

Of course, they are no longer in their proverbial children’s shoes today. You will find that the technology in the field of live gaming alone in recent years has advanced a lot. The special thing about live games: Thanks to the webcam transmission you play at real tables and compete against real dealers and croupiers.

Live Casino Games - Live Casino

All Live Casino Games

The first live casinos were not very spectacular compared to today. Most of the time, you could only choose between Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat in the classic version. A lot has happened in the meantime. There is hardly an online casino anymore that can do without its own live area. And just the variety of game variations makes the visit of such a live casino attractive. There are different versions of common classics to choose from, and even poker and a few real game highlights have been implemented so ingeniously that you just have to watch them.

Many live casino games alone are of course not the only requirement that will play a role for you. There are several criteria that are even more important – including good quality and playing without any interruptions. The better a live casino is technologically positioned, the higher the number of visitors to the live casino.

That’s what counts in the Live Casino

As soon as we look at the live games of an online casino, the first question that comes up is: How extensive is the portfolio? Are there, for example, only the simple versions of the common classics, or does the company BETUS Casino perhaps offer a larger selection of gaming tables – also in terms of betting limits? In order to be able to perform a technically correct analysis, we had to “concretize” our test criteria a little.

The following aspects were taken into account in the test:

Which games are offered – and at what times?

How flexible can bets be placed at the tables?

History of Roulette - Live Casino

History of Live Casino Roulette

In addition to the main criteria, it is important to take a look at the winning opportunities available at the live tables. Of course, classics such as Black Jack and Roulette usually have fixed odds, which are derived from the standard set of rules. However, most live casinos offer very special variations of these classics, and this is where you can “vary” the odds at least a little. This is exactly what we focused on when testing the odds.

In the following we show you which points has processed in detail.

The live game selection Both from an expert point of view and for you, the range of live games on offer plays a major role. The more you are offered, the longer you will eventually enjoy the live casino. The offer is therefore always the first priority – and this in all the test reports you will find on our pages. Due to the rapid technological development of the industry, software providers Bet live Casino, Evolution Gaming are now able to create more than just a few classic tables. The variations of the common games, such as Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, Bingo and Black Jack are becoming more and more versatile. Side and additional bets ensure that your chances of winning can be used flexibly. If you are particularly keen on betting, this will naturally have consequences for the outcome of the game rounds.

Live Roulette Lady - Live Casino

Live Roulette Lady´s

Picture above: The Live Casino has an average offer with 82 live casino games. But it shines with its own live games, such as Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo Delux Hot Roulette or a Playtech Roulette variant with Buffalo Blitz Live Slots. You won’t find these live games at any other provider except LIVE CASINO PLAY NOW.

These are normally dominated by football matches, but also tennis and various other ball sports are very popular for real-time betting.

How versatile a live casino can be is impressively demonstrated by, for example. It also shows that all software providers who develop live games have their own ideas.

We have taken another closer look at the portfolio of the companies – to examine the following aspects:

1) When are which games active?

2) How many different main games are there?

3) Are special events or tournaments available?

Live casino can be made much more flexible than initially thought. So the operators always have the possibility to provide you with events, live bonuses and tournaments. In addition, you can quickly see for yourself that not all providers have the same basic games in their portfolio. Some, for example, do not play poker at all. And: Not all tables are active around the clock. This is especially true for the USA Live Casino, German, UK, China as well as Canada and Arabic versions, which are usually available at fixed times.

Even though Malaysia Roulette and Blackjack are not always available, we give extra points to all online casinos that offer this option. This still young option is thanks to the large software providers, especially BETUS, Evolution Gaming.

Possible applications and limits in the endurance test The fact is that you cannot play for free at any live casino. This means that you must always be willing to place at least a certain amount of money. Now it shows again how well or poorly positioned the providers are. Since we have among our readers both beginners and high rollers, it was very important to us to test the limits of the various live casinos accurately – and not only in the gray theory, but also through our own experience. Particularly praiseworthy are companies that make some of their live games available from 25 cent stakes. But also the upper limit is not insignificant for real gamblers. In various casinos you can invest up to € or $ 100,000 in some cases. This should actually cover every budget.

vbet live casino real maney - Live Casino

Live Casino Limits $/€ 1 – $/€ 100.000 Maximum Limit


At BETUS Casino you will find 82 live games. Among them are numerous offers with a betting limit of $/€ 1€ – $/€ 100,000.

In more and more live casino today you will find the opportunity to rediscover your favorite games through special versions and with extremely attractive side bets.

While less than five years ago it was assumed that there were strong limits, especially in the live gaming sector, we have been proven wrong. The ingenuity of the 5G system of the developers seems to go to us immeasurably, in order to finally bring you every technological progress 5G new possibilities to unfold freely in the live casino.

Some live casinos continue to limit themselves to well-known classics in their simple form, while other companies Live Casino on 8K there to the New VR Casino a so ingenious live casino on the legs that you save the way into the real casino confidently. There are hardly any reasons to dress up in fancy clothes and make your way to the casino anymore – because this is exactly what is delivered directly to your screen.

The large selection of live games is an evaluation criterion to which we attach the greatest importance. However, the quality of the bidding must of course also fit. If matches are disrupted by interruptions in the exciting moment, this has a negative effect on the evaluation. Usually, constant load blockages, especially during webcam transmission, indicate dubious behaviour. Here our editorial staff has deliberately looked at several times in order to be able to guarantee you a safe and transparent game.


The winning opportunities in the Live Casino The fact is that live casino games in themselves bring a special level of excitement. After all, the atmosphere can only be partially recreated with digital tables. Speed and concentration are required in games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker. And: A certain understanding of strategies can also help you to get lucky.

First of all, of course, you influence the quotas yourself to a certain extent. This is especially true for Roulette in all its variations, as the bet determines how much you win – provided your tip was correct.

In order to study the odds and possibilities, you should at least have a rough idea of the basic games and familiarize yourself a little with the common rules beforehand. With special versions there are additional odds, which are of course explained to you in more detail in good live casinos. Our editorial staff has examined the topic of winning opportunities in detail.

There are no real differences between the live casinos in terms of winning odds. Take roulette as an example. There, the odds are fixed depending on the selected bet. Smaller deviations you will experience at best with special and additional bets in certain versions of Live Roulette. The same applies in the end to all classic casino games that are offered live.

Profit or no Profit

Just like the winning odds, the payout odds are generally almost identical. The casino itself has no influence on the outcome of a game round. Unlike in digital games, it is not generators that decide on success or failure at the table, but rather real chance.

Whether in the end everything really goes right can be judged quite well by the performance of the casino. If there is interference in the transmission at the most important moments, this is often not a good sign. Of course, casino operators are not omnipotent, and server problems cannot be put in their proverbial shoes. However, if such interruptions happen regularly, then absolute caution is required.

The speed of play of course always depends a little on the live casino and its croupiers. Normally there are also very clear rules. But especially at special beginner’s tables, you are often given a little more time to choose your bet. If you are required speed, then ultimately the dealer or croupier must follow this speed.

So that a live casino can be evaluated positively, always has an eye on the employees at the tables. Serious companies should have experienced, trained personnel. Our experience has shown that this is not always the case. And that is exactly when we consciously distance ourselves from such casinos. All live casinos that we have listed are reputable.

The technology must also not take a back seat to all other criteria. Speed is not only expected from the dealers and croupiers at the live tables, but also from the servers and 4K or 8K webcams. A clean transmission from the studios, which are usually rented specifically for this purpose, must be guaranteed. This applies to all providers that we present on our pages.

Bonus Live Casino Live casino providers can score particularly well if they provide interested parties with rough information before they register – especially with regard to possible live bonus promotions, events and, last but not least, the betting limits that apply at the individual tables. This makes it easier for players to get a first impression and make a sensible decision on this basis.

Vbet Live Casino Roulette - Live Casino

Live Casino CASHBACK 5% Bonus

Live Casino Service

Our editorial team has high standards not only for the game selection, winning opportunities and a good performance. After all, all this is only worth half as much if there is a lack of service. Therefore, all live casinos were also checked for the criterion customer support.

It starts with the question of how good the usability of the games is. A perfect preparation of all categories is the basic prerequisite for us to continue testing.

Now it can of course always come to questions and concerns about the topic of Live Casino. At the latest then it becomes apparent whether a company is saving at the wrong end or whether it can meet the high demands of its customers in the area of service and customer orientation.

The website must be well positioned, especially in the live games section – Headword “usability”.

1.) Promotional site with special Live Casino offers

deal of the day At least some of the providers examined by let themselves special actions occur, which are directed exclusively at users of the live casino. The selection of bonuses is thereby not the largest of all times, can let itself be quite seen however depending upon enterprise. Important to know: The classic casino welcome bonus can usually not or only conditionally at live tables!

When you choose a good live casino, you will be presented with special promotion pages. These will show you all the current events – including of course those that are specifically aimed at live players. A well-prepared promotion site has many advantages, especially for users who prefer to play in a live casino. And of course, the pros and cons of this area flow specifically into our evaluation.

mrplay live casino - Live Casino

mr.Play Mobile Live Casino

Picture above: The Live Casino Max is known for its promotional activities in the area of live casino games. In this promotion, for every 10 rounds played on the Live Fruit Spin™ roulette table, 10 free spins could be won on the house for the live casino exclusive & brand new slot ‘Fruit Spin™’.

Most live casinos are rather sparsely equipped with events. Tournaments take place nevertheless with some providers. So of course the most important thing is that these events, promotions and bonuses can be filtered – especially when the calendar of a company like Vbet is extremely versatile. Almost more important than the sorting function is that you are given detailed information about all events.

After all, there should be no misunderstandings during the participation. This applies in particular to bonus conditions, which are sometimes not so easy to understand. Live Casino operators who create clear structures in this area receive bonus points.

2.) Information on betting limits and winning odds Of course, as a registered user, you will always be told what betting limits are possible at the tables – and of course also what the odds are depending on the bet. However, it is noticeable that such information is often only available to players who are already logged in. Interested parties without an existing account, on the other hand, are not given any information about all these things.

VIP Live Roulette - Live Casino

VIP Live Roulette > Play Now 

The best vip online casinos show you in the preview, which minimum and maximum bet is possible depending on the table. As soon as you open the games, the odds will be revealed to you, as well as all the odds of winning, which of course are a little based on your settings.

Playtach Vbet Live Casino - Live Casino

Live Casino

Picture above: At Live Casino BetUS, transparency is very important. Therefore you will find the betting limits and winning odds directly after the start of the live game.

The more you learn before you register, the higher the score for this area. This is ultimately reflected in the overall rating. If a company is not very transparent, in the worst case this can lead to us not introducing the provider at all.

Transparency is particularly important in the area of live gaming. After all, at the real tables it is not uncommon for thousands of euros to be wagered at the casino every day.

At the latest when you are registered as a real money live casino US player in a live casino or are registered now, the provider must of course provide you with all relevant information in a transparent manner – and last but not least explain how the winning odds are made up.

Insight into the world of live casino broadcasting:

In live casinos, we always talk about what’s called “live streaming“, which means broadcasting in real time. This is done today with the help of modern cameras. In order to set up a live casino, software companies need appropriate studios. These can then be equipped with any number of cameras, so that players can follow the events from all perspectives on their PC in real time.

In order to receive a live stream from the casino, you need either a PC (alternatively laptop) or a mobile device such as smartphone and tablet, as well as access to the Internet.

vbet live casino mobile app - Live Casino

Mobile Live Casino

Visitors of the monthly players of live streaming in Europe in the years 2015 to 2019 (millions)

In 2015 – there were 21.2 million visitors

In 2016 – there were 23.1 million visitors

In 2017 – there were 24.4 million visitors

In 2018 – there were 26.5 million visitors

In 2019 – there were 31.2 million visitors

In the years 2020 – Are the visitors open millions?

Let’s wait and see what the year brings?

Live casino offers, in whatever form, are very much in vogue. Already, games against real croupiers are used by more than 27% of all registered players. The trend is still rising. We are all the more pleased that most online casinos are meeting the growing demands and are constantly improving their live streaming.

In almost every online casino today there is an area with live games – sometimes more or less extensive. But since the technical requirements are very high, the choice of providers is still quite manageable. Pioneers in terms of live streaming are Live Casino , Evolution Gaming and Playtach Gaming.

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